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Miles Nautu

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Miles Nautu emerged onto the hip-hop scene during his high school years, inspired predominantly by Mos Def. Fueled by a passion for the genre, Miles not only embraced rapping but also discovered a natural talent for producing. Determined to pursue his musical aspirations despite financial constraints, he began crafting his own beats, incorporating deep-cut samples ranging from old-school blues and throwback movies to stumbled-upon Japanese jazz and Italian instrumentals.


His journey led him to befriend and make tracks with Marigold, and collaborate with international rap group Hidden Renaissance, which has seen him continue to establish himself internationally, particularly in the United States.


On TikTok, Miles extends his artistic vision, managing two distinct accounts. One features content that seamlessly blending music with visually captivating cinematography, while the other adopts a sketch-style approach for shorter promotional content. With a combined 500k views, these accounts offer a glimpse into Miles' creativity, where music, visuals, and style converge.


Miles Nautu is quickly become a name synonymous with innovation and genre-defying sounds. As the echoes of 'Page 1' continue to reverberate, 'Third Eye Chakra' is the first track from Miles’ evolution and refinement of his craft, melding jazz influences with the rhythmic heartbeat of hip-hop. Miles invites listeners to elevate their consciousness. Drawing inspiration particularly from Kendrick Lamar, Miles weaves a tapestry of beats and lyrical prowess that promises to resonate with fans and newcomers alike. Be immersed in a realm where beats and consciousness converge, and stay tuned for more very soon from this up-and-coming goat.

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