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Quinta press pic


Quinta is a Eora/Sydney-based Hip-Hop / Trap artist and producer who draws inspiration from Travis Scott, J. Cole and Denzel Curry. As a Kulkalgal man from the Central Islands of the Torres Strait, Quinta draws further inspiration from the customs, art and sounds of his people and their culture. His style is a blend of melodic and percussive vocals accompanying semi-acoustic melodies and trap drum patterns. 

In 2020, Quinta released his first official EP, 'Unbranded', which details his views and experiences as an unsigned independent artist. The project features vocals from Tribzy, as well as fellow Blak Label artist, T33. Quinta is a prolific producer and engineer across the Blak Label roster, with credits on every major Blak Label release since Alf the Great's 2020 album, 'Journey'


Quinta is set to deliver a new catalog of music in 2023, and will undoubtedly continue to turn everything he touches to gold.

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