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T33 is a Meanjin-based contemporary R&B artist, singer and songwriter that draws inspiration from artists such as Bryson Tiller and Jorja Smith. As a proud Panai clansman from the Torres Strait Islands, T33 draws further inspiration from the arts, sounds and traditions of his people and their culture.

In 2021, T33 released his debut single under Blak Label Music, ‘Show Me Love’. Longing for love, he expresses emotion through an array of soulful vocals over an instrumental that blurs the lines between contemporary R&B and hiphop.


With a voice that has been heard all across the nation (no literally, ask him), T33 is go-to for fellow Blak Label artists looking to take their track to the gorgeous heights that only T33 can take them to; featuring on Denzel Kennedy's acclaimed 'Positions', Quinta’sPatek Remix’ and Alf the Great’sTaking Flight’.


With his stylistic pop/R&B and soulful ballads, T33 is set to make an impact with a new wave of sound. In 2023, T33 is poised to release his debut EP, 'Synthetic Love'.

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