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Quinta in the Blak Label studio


Blak Label Music are an independent, First Nations owned and operated contemporary record label striving to create and nurture a community of like-minded artists, and bring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices, stories and art to a global stage.


We aim to use musical, visual and technological mediums to enhance the creative and economic prosperity of our artists, while ensuring we support and protect the interests of minority groups across the wider industry. We want an industry that would support and nurture artists with this in mind.



In Indigenous culture, community is an integral component of survival.
We wish to acknowledge this notion and become an industry leader in representing our wider communities' voices, feelings and ideologies.


We believe it’s important to acknowledge and protect our identity. We see art (in all forms) as a vehicle to express and share our uniqueness as individuals. Strengthening artist identity is a top priority for building solidarity within our organisation.


Our moral compass is guided by and translated through our ancestral
connections. Maintaining wholeness and remaining undivided is upheld through the ongoing practice of integrity.

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