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Our Current Projects

Blak Label Music is dedicated to creating a positive impact through innovation and a contemporisation of ancient ways of work. We undertake numerous projects in partnership with the wider music community, while always championing culturally safe and aware practice. We strive to support the wider First Nations and BIPOC communities. Learn more about our recent projects and see how we are making a difference!

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Play Blak @SXSW Sydney

Blak Label Music curated an official First Nations showcase at SXSW Sydney's inaugural festival - bringing Indigenous stories, voices, and culture to the world stage at the Hollywood Hotel.

'Play Blak' was a showcase of the vibrant and diverse emerging voices of the contemporary scene in so-called Australia. Attendees were asked to leave their expectations at the door, and discover their new favourite act as we bounced from alt-rock/reggae (South Summit), neo-soul/R&B (Bumpy, Jada Weazel), psych rock (Velvet Trip), and modern country (Loren Ryan). We were also joined by Blak Label signees and house music producers Lossi. and WVCHWY who kept the vibes high between sets.

With an at-capacity room and unbelievable buzz across the night, stay tuned for our plans to elevate this incredible event next year!

Legal Project

Blak Label Music black and white Indigenous art design

Blak Label Music is looking to be the first record label to implement a standard Licensing Agreement that is both culturally safe and fair for our First Nations artists, while remaining commercially viable.

This means implementing Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property ('ICIP') and nuanced cultural protections into an artist-friendly, independent label agreement.

Currently in the consultation phase, Blak Label Music is reaching out to Elders, knowledge holders, musicians and artists, and other First Nations communities to understand their needs in this space.

ARIA First Nations Playlist

In partnership with ARIA, Blak Label Music showcases the vibrant and diverse voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island artists. Join us in celebrating the resilience, creativity and cultural richness of these artists as they express their stories, histories and experiences - from visualisers to all-out productions. Discover new favourites, immerse yourself in thought-provoking visuals, and connect with the vibrant spirit of culture from across the land. This huge playlist focuses on music and visuals from the past 3 years, to platform emerging and established First Nations talents.

Check it out HERE!

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Press Play

Press Play is Blak Label Music's monthly scouting series diving into all the the First Nations music we're loving. From cutting-edge experimentation to a finessing of old-school styles, these songs are all Blak and deadly.

Press Play is a way for us to highlight emerging voices and music for our wider networks and audiences, in an effort to bring awareness to the current and future musicians sharing their story.

Wavey Sessions

Blak Label Music has coordinated and promoted 4 sold-out showcases in Meanjin/Brisbane, focusing on providing over 20 emerging First Nations and BIPOC musicians with opportunities to play to a crowd in culturally safe and welcoming environments. We also focused on supporting smaller/community-focused local venues with values aligned to diversity and acceptance.

The series has proved a massive success in promoting and fostering a small hub of creation and expression, while providing financial support to artists in the crucial emerging stage of their careers. The musicians have gone on to larger successes, collaborations, and opportunities from the connections and expanding community of support, learning and representation they built during the showcase series.

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