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Alf the Great

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Alf the Great is a proud Kalkadungu and Bidjara man of Mt. Isa and Carnarvon Gorge, currently based in Naarm/Melbourne. Alf is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and songwriter. Reminiscent of Frank Ocean and Jeff Buckley, he also draws musical inspiration from the customs and people of his culture, most notably his uncle, acclaimed composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist William Barton.


Alf's alternative-indie soul style is a rich tapestry of intricate instrumentation, stunning vocal and Yidaki/Didgeridoo layering, and emotive melodies that weave together to create expansive and captivating soundscapes. Alf is a gifted storyteller who imbues his music with raw emotion and personal experiences that are deeply rooted in the customs and stories of his culture.


Alf’s music and overall aesthetic is an exploration of his ancient culture, but contemporised for a modern audience. Alf combines Indigenous imagery (like totemic emu feathers, traditional Yidaki/Didgeridoo, Aboriginal painting styles) with pastel and dreamy chillwave-scapes which perfectly mirror his music.


No stranger to building gorgeous sonic landscapes, ‘STUCK.’ sees Alf returning to what makes him truly unique - gated, droning vocals layered over washed out instrumentals that are so textured you’ll feel them through your ears. ‘STUCK.’ is punctuated by turbulent pads, soaring between melodic synth-vox chops and low-end rich sub-bass, peppered with sparse drum grooves. The result is a fusion of synthetic and familiar like only Alf the Great can deliver.

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