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Seeming to burst onto the Naarm scene out of nowhere, WVCHWY (pron. whichway) is a Kalkadungu and Bidjara house producer and DJ with a focus on acid soundscapes. Cutting ancient sounds, vocalisations, and the deep bass of a yidaki with contemporary beats from around the world, WVCHWY’s sets are a pulsating journey of infectious rhythm and deep bass.


Having  already cut their teeth alongside legends like Simona, Jen Loveless, DJ PGZ, and RONA., WVCHWY has soundtracked sweaty nights at esteemed Naarm institutions including Sub Club, Hope St Radio, Sky Radio, and Club 77 on Gadigal Lands. From warehouse raves to notable performances at SXSW Sydney and YIRRAMBOI, WVCHWY is rapidly emerging as a national phenomenon.


The first official release, ‘Beggin’’ is a bold testament to the WVCHWY sound. Syncopated percussion threaded amongst four-on-the-floor kick drums rhythmically carry both new audiences and dance music connoisseurs alike into a familiarly sweaty place. Sound design explodes as we are bombarded by rising synth tones, and behind the flashing lights, breaking into a daring dance record with wobbly bass stabs dancing across the beat, complemented by a deep voiced lead vocal, commanding the listener to remain in the groove.


Remaining mysteriously anonymous, WVCHWY gives only this cryptic insight into their genius:


"In the symphony of desires, 'Beggin'' emerges, a deep house/techno anthem that transcends boundaries. The lyrics beckon, pleading for more, echoing the uncharted depths of wanting DN…"


With a slew of tracks ready for release, and an ambition to carve out their own sub-genre, WVCHWY is set to light up 2024 as electronic music’s ‘next big thing’ - injecting a unique perspective into a genre that already thrives on diversity and sub-genre passion.

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